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Criminal Law Department is based in the Law Faculty of the University of Granada. The 23 members of the Department teach in undergraduate studies in Law and Criminology as well as in the different Postgraduate studies. As a research center, the department has two research groups, Professors de Derecho Penal de la UGR y Aproximación práctica a los problemas del Derecho Penal. Both take part in many of research projects. Right now it’s taking part in European Commission 7th Framework Program projects:

- Early pursuit against organized crime using environmental scanning, the law and inteligence systems ePOLICE

- European Union Action to Fight Environmental Crime EFFACE. Also is leading research areas funded by the national research plan and the Andalusian research network.

The currently projects are:

- El Derecho ante las formas contemporáneas de esclavitud

- La responsabilidad penal de los entes colectivos. La responsabilidad criminal de las personas jurídicas y de los entes sin personalidad en el Derecho penal español

- Variables para una moderna política criminal, superadora de la contradicción expansionista/reduccionista de la pena de prisión

- Tratamiento jurídico del fraude en el deporte

The transfer of knowledge of the Department is focused on lawmakers and law enforcement, as well as the society.

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